“Fix up the evolution path without falling extinct in the attempt”
Evo will grow throughout the game, starting as a cell overcoming every stage of his life in a different environment until he becomes a Neanderthal
Defeat Evo´s enemies; evil species and predators that will try to stop the evolution process and lead him to extinction
Go back in time as Charles Darwin did, to discover all environments and species that lived in each geological era of earth´s evolution.


This mobile game depicts Charles Darwin Evolution theory, where each player will get information about the theory as he meets some of the species that were actually present in each geological era.
In each level, as “Evo” the main character evolves, the game portrays the environment that was presumably surrounding the species at that time, the player has the challenge to defeat the enemies” and reach the next era following the game dynamics, such us running and jumping to survive from attacks and getting several cells that will let him grow and slide so he can move from one platform to another without falling.